Av. Emin ÖKTEN

Avukat Emin Ökten
Lawyer / Deputy Chairman of Ökten Group Companies
After having graduated from Ayazağa Işık High School as the third and honorary, Mr. Ökten graduated from Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Law. He started his business life by working in different positions in Ökten Group Companies since 1999 and gained experience in professional company management, crisis management, mining, energy, construction, defense industry, and ballistics.
He attended international training and seminars in the fields of mining law, energy law, expropriation law, criminal law, and constitutional law. Ökten, who attaches importance to personal development as well as vocational training, has received training in neurolinguistic programming, family sequencing / Bert Hellinger therapy, respiratory and somatopsychic balance, and has conducted research on technology, health, science, and intellectual issues.
Having adopted the basic philosophy of providing specific solutions to his clients, Ökten established the Ökten Law and Consultancy Office to provide quality and reliable legal services. The areas of expertise of Ökten, who is the executive lawyer of the office; family law, inheritance law, real estate law, commercial and corporate law, mining, and energy law. Emin Ökten is also the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ökten Group Companies.
Mr. Ökten, who also attaches importance to his sportive career, is a licensed athlete in the fields of a basketball player, shooting, archery, and kickboxing. In addition to being a good reader, he writes poetry and sings his poems in his own voice. He was deemed worthy of many awards for his poems.
Mr. Ökten, who actively supports the social responsibility activities of Non-Governmental Organizations, participates in the activities of reputable associations and organizations in order to share his experiences and experiences with young people.
Lawyer Emin Ökten has a good command in English.


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Lawyer Emin ÖKTEN



Attorney At Law / Founder / Owner

Ökten Law and Consultancy Office


Vice Chairman

Ökten Companies Group


Board Member

Öksan Mining


Board Member

İnşara Construction



Teknosafe Defense Industry


Board Member

Ökten Mining