Ökten Group


Ökten Group, with its strong organizational structure, experienced personnel, and stable service understanding; ore processing, enrichment plants, and combined purpose is Turkey’s leading mining organizations with a rich portfolio of machines.

Closely following innovative developments and technological breakthroughs in the digitalizing world, Ökten Group of Companies considers not harming the fabric of nature as the first priority in all mining activities. The unchangeable principles of Ökten Group of Companies; It constitutes “reliability, transparency, leadership, and institutionalism”. A disciplined approach to business institutions working with the staff was a pioneer in the mining sector in Turkey and will continue to take.

The message of the president;

Ökten family, the people of the Republic of Turkey for almost 70 years and is mining, security, posed by contributing to the country’s economy, showing activity in the electronics and energy industries are proud to have served with employment.

With the awareness that education is the most effective way to achieve the success that leaves a mark on the world, as the Ökten Family, Durusu Hüseyin ÖKTEN high school has been built and has also signed social responsibility projects such as a private forest.

Ökten Group of Companies has made its biggest investments in the mining sector.

The reason is that our underground resources are at least as valuable as our above-ground resources and they should be processed to serve this country. Because these lands are the only witnesses of unprecedented determination, effort, and success in the world. We, our subsoil resources of the Republic of Turkey is the sole and unique heritage of entrusting us to bring the most efficient economy in the country and we will continue to create jobs on this occasion.

Ökten Group of Companies will continue its services for many more years. And it should be known that; It is not possible to turn back from this road, which has been taken with determination, honor, and determination.


Chairman of the Board


The foundations of the Ökten Group of Companies were laid by the late Hüseyin Ökten in the 1950s. With the coal mine works initiated in the Istanbul Yeniköy Lignite Basin, it has come to life as Yeniköy Mining Operations.

The son of the late Hüseyin Ökten, our Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mr. After 1976, Kadir Ökten made mining spread all over the country from Edirne to Erzurum and reached a revolutionary level in mining, which can fulfill its functions at all stages of mining from production to marketing.

Apart from the coal mine, it has included mines such as feldspar, talc bentonite, zeolite, precious stones, silica sand, filling sand, and marble within the scope of mining activities.